We will be holding an international cultural exchange exhibition titled gInfinite Unityh in Berlin, Germany. This invitational exhibition will be held consisting only of selected Japanese and American artists whose artworks and cultural activities achievements were judged as superior. Accompanying globalization of modern society, great attention is being given to international cultural exchange.
An importance has been starting to be placed in various forms of international collaborations starting with cross-national cooperation of such as international enterprises, developments of technology, planning of ecology project and so forth. Recently, to build a foundation of an international cooperation, many international exchange projects are taking place in various regions.

The genuine meaning of international exchange is mutually accepting and appreciating each otherfs reciprocal cultural difference. We believe that with having respect for a foreign culture, the true meaning is only than achieved.

Culture is born as a sign of humanityfs progress and development as a human being reflecting each period. Without saying, within that, art is crystallization of humanityfs most sublime culture.
Art is given birth from inside each countryfs and regionfs society with background of cultivated culture of that period. Psychological and emotional harmony of that country and their society can be derived from the cultural exchange through art with a background of the urge to understand culture.
We believe, it can be said that art, for sure, is one of the existence that can cross over the barrier of politics, race, religion and language in the international society and flow into general public without distinction.With that art as the center for international exchange will be very important from now in the increasing developments of globalization of international society to have urges of genuine reciprocal understanding.

We believe that art will also continue to transfigure more and more in present-dayfs ever changing hectic situation of the society. Through this international project, we will be very content if our wish
to contribute even if it is little to the genuine meaning of the international exchange and of course
to this new art scene and development of art comes true.

                                                                                                                     A-forest Project


Akiko Arai

Andrew Greene

Anne Dushanko Dobek

Carol Pfeffer

Claudia Teller

Daniel Filiponne

Debbie T.Davis

Hiroko Ichino

Hiroshi Watanabe

Issey Koyama

Jorge Posada

Julie Combal

Junko Akimoto

Junko Iwasa

Kazuhiro Honda

Kellyann Monaghan

Machiko Kawasaki

Maiko Hasuo

Maki Akabane

Maria Hartmann

Mark Korns

Miho Ogawa

Mioko Tsuzuki

Richard Ackoon

Rie Iguchi

Sayako Ito

Sharla Flock

Siori Kitajima

Stephan Fowlkes

Suzuna Iwasa

Takashi Abe

Tomokazu Shimizu

Toshiaki Kurahashi

Valerie Huhn

Yohko Aoki

Yusuke Kobara

Opening Reception

May, 16th Fri. 6-8pm

Exhibition Date

May, 13th Tues. - 31st Sat.

Exhibition Venue

Schillerpalais Gallery
in Berlin

Contact Information

A-forest Gallery NY

134 West 29th Street, Suite 1010
New York, NY 10001

Tel / 1-212-673-1168
Fax / 1-866-211-8475

Anita S.Shahi

Assistant Director
Tyler Peck


Eitoku Sugimori
David Filmore
Jhon Smith

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